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False Flag Games is a board game design group based in beautiful Columbus Ohio.

We are dedicated to creating the types of games we love to play; games with an emphasis on theme and dramatic narrative driven game play, a focus on player interaction, and a love for asymmetry and hidden information.


VILLAINS You are the leader of a fiendish organization bent on dominating The City, but you are not alone in the quest to become its undisputed master. You must face off against evil death cults, sentient robot uprisings, alien invaders, and other nefarious groups also looking to seize The City. To have any chance of completing your devilish plans then secrecy must be your watchword. Keep your enemies guessing with bluffs, misdirection, and cunning strategy. Deploy the goons, moles, and talent you've amassed within your ranks, and never forget that when things get hot always be sure to have a patsy on hand to take the fall.

CHOOSE YOUR FACTION First you must choose your faction. Will you lead the Cosa Nostra Crime Family in their quest to infiltrate the police station? Maybe you'd rather control the sewers in order to flood The City with legions of radioactive mutants? Perhaps joining Dr. Tyrannosaurus and his legion of mad scientists is more your style? The choice is yours.

example faction champions

HATCH YOUR PLANS Once you have chosen your faction you must select which of your faction's unique secret plans to pursue, and then secretly choose an area of The City you wish to target (making that area worth one victory point to whichever player controls it at the end of the turn). Players then take turns placing hidden action tokens around The City. By placing a face down token in an area your enemies can see that you are up to something, but what exactly are you planning? Are you going to deploy a safecracker (along with a patsie to take the fall should things go south), instigate a battle between rival factions, or are you just crazy enough to trigger a suitcase nuke by playing the 'Red Button' action card?

example action tokens

TIME TO ACT Once all players have placed their hidden action tokens for the round you then take turns revealing them. Be sure to stay flexible, for as you see your enemies' plans unfold you'll no doubt need to adjust your own schemes on the fly. Cards will fly, units will be deployed, armies will move from one area of the city to another, and battles will be waged. By planning ahead for every contingency you can come out on top, score your targets and complete your evil plans.

example plan cards

VICTORY! If you have scored 10 victory points, or completed four of your faction's unique plan cards then you have conquered The City, and are declared the winner. It is now time to bask in your glory, and pity those lessor factions foolish enough to challenge your might.


THREAT LEVEL RED The year is 2027 and the federal government of the United States, hobbled by the second great depression, is on the edge of collapse. A number of Insurgent factions have sprung up hoping to undermine the government and send the country into a state of anarchy, in the belief they stand to gain power or wealth in the coming lawlessness. Choose your side: Become one of three insurgent factions bent on sowing chaos by launching ever greater terror events, or make one last stand on behalf of the United States. If you can stand firm and keep this country from descending into anarchy you will restore the people's faith in its government and keep the American dream alive.

REIGN OF TERROR As an insurgent faction you must secretly plant sleeper cell organizations in major cities across the US. These cells appear to outside observers as ordinary Americans, but upon your command they go into action ready to carry out whatever destabilizing events you order. Carry out small operations to build up notoriety and acquire additional followers and resources. Once your organization has grown strong enough anything is possible- from a simple bomb threat, to hacking the nation's closed circuit TV network, or for the most powerful and violent factions building the dreaded suitcase nuke. But watch out, each time you activate a sleeper cell you give valuable information to the government player, and if they can discover your plans before you launch your attack you have no hope of toppling the government and claiming your throne upon the smoldering wreckage.

example event cards

A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS As the government player you are understaffed and nearly out of resources to face the burgeoning threats facing the nation you have sworn an oath to serve. Terror cells are springing up everywhere, but you still have a handful of agents at your disposal, and a few other tricks up your sleeve, from wiretaps to border patrols. Watch closely, let the insurgents overextend, give them enough rope to hang themselves before making your move. If you wait too long you risk letting another terror attack slip through your fingers, but if you strike at the right time even a small handful of well-trained agents can topple these immense terror networks.

example counter-plot cards

VICTORY! If the insurgent players manage to raise the anarchy level high enough the government collapses and whichever insurgent carried out the most terror events is declared the winner, but if the government player can survive four long turns they have stabilized the situation, returning hope to this once great nation.


DICE BOT MEGA FUN The future of demolition derby is here, and there’s no event more exciting than the Robo-Derby Championships. Players from all over the world come to the battle pit to participate and witness the exciting robot fighting tournament.

SCAVANGE FOR PARTS Resources are limited in the future, and the most successful Robo-Derby champions have learned to be creative in the construction of their deadly machines. Loading up on microchips will give you the speed you need to outmaneuver your opponents with the fast moving Jammer. Maybe you would prefer the added defense of shields gained only through a good reserve of plating? With every player simultaneously grabbing for resources, you’ll have to be fast and precise, otherwise one of your competitors is going to get the parts you need to win.

example player sheet

THE FIGHT BEGINS Your weapons have been selected, and your parts gathered, now it’s time to step into the arena. Using a combination of brute force, subterfuge, and defense, each player will use their weapons to damage their opponent’s robots. Deciding when to use the right weapons will be your key to victory. Should you favor speed over damage? When is the right time to use your least likely to hit, but most devastating attack? Or maybe it’s time to hide behind your shields for a quick rest. Only you can decide the right course of actions as you trade blows over six quick rounds. The robots that can best use their abilities and survive with the least damage will stand victorious.

example weapon cards

VICTORY! Each time your robot survives a melee in the battle pit you'll receive a Victory Medal, be the first player to gain 3 Victory Medals (or survive the sudden death round) and you’ll be the reigning Robo-Derby Champion!


BUG PLANET A Mysterious alien planet has been discovered and it is ripe with rare minerals, bizarre physics, and many opportunities for profit; Your corporate masters have sent you on a mission to gear up, start an outpost, and plunder these new resources. But great fortunes such as these always come with great risks, and in this case, it’s a massive population of giant insects that inhabit the world. Balance the terror of certain annihilation against the greedy desires of your corporate sponsors to ravage the land of its precious resources as quickly as you can. Time is short for those looking to out produce their competitors on the planet, because the never-ending hordes of terrestrial life don’t kill you, your boss just might.

“You’re not paid to survive; you’re paid to produce”

CONSTRUCT YOUR OUTPOST Two-to-four players can vie against each other in an attempt to control the production of the planet's valuable resources. The first step in a successful expedition is going to be the development of a base of operations. You’re tasked with building your base into something capable of quickly extracting vast quanities of precious minerals for export, doing groundbreaking scientific research, and killing wave after wave of incoming bugs, all with a shoestring buget and a handful of employees available to do the work. Order your employees to install new weapon modules, set your base on lockdown, or haggle at the black market. But don't forget: everything requires power. So send an employee to the reactor to get the necessary energy to run your equipment. Feel like you have the waves of treacherous bugs under control? Maybe using your workers to perform research, or built some support structures will be your best bet. But remember, the bugs are clever and unique, and if you let them invade your base, you’ll certainly pay dearly.

example modules

DEFEND YOUR BASE Come nightfall the bugs are on the move and it's time to fight. Luckily the bugs are slow so you always have the chance to shoot first. Using the energy cubes you gathered while constructing your outpost, you may active any weapon or support modules you have built to help cull the hordes and survive the night. Choose between the precise lasers, the scattering shotgun, or the multi-round assault rifle. Each type of bug has a weakness to particular types of weapons, so diversifying your defenses will be key to survival. However, the bugs aren’t without their own tricks, whether it’s flying past the rest of the units to land right at your front door, the terrifying screamers causing panic with each step towards your outpost, or the devastating chargers, that if left alive, won't hesitate to crash into your base from anywhere on the field.

example bug cards

VICTORY! Eventually, once it becomes apparent panic has begun to set in at one or more of the competing outposts, your bosses will pull the plug on the whole operation (by way of orbital nuke, since it's the only way to be sure). Be the player who has best fulfilled your corporate mission objectives to be posthumously declared the winner, your spouse will be sent a tasteful plaque!


Under construction, more information coming soon!



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